Once Upon A Time it was Thanksgiving at the Perkins house.  I decided to go turkey hunting with my two best friends.  I took my gun and yee haw off we went.  When me and my friends got to the woods we decided to split up and be back at the pick up in 2 hours.  Not to long into my search I found a big turkey all by himself.  I aimed my gun put my finger on the trigger and as I was just about to shoot the turkey turned around gave me and evil glare and put his feather in his mouth and wistled.  Next thing you know I am ambushed by 200 turkeys.  True story I swear.  They even captured and tied to a tree my two best friends.  The pack leader demaneded I put down my gun or else my friend Steve gets it.  A turkey pulls out a chainsaw and puts it right to Steve's leg.  The turkey's demans were to take my truck and head back into town for human huntting.  Just in the distance I saw a wolf and I yelled to the wolf.  What time is it Mr. Wolf?  The wolf stands up pull out his glasses and looked at the watch and said.  "It's Dinner Time!!!!" Mr. Wolf ran at the turkeys eating them left and right.  I pulled the chainsaw out of one of the turkeys wings and slaughter my way to my friends.  I rescued my friends and we ran for the truck.  We grabbed a few dead turkeys  along the way put them in the truck and drove off in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  Turns out the turkeys had a bad case of bird flu so we had to settle with Chef Boyardee.


MR. Winston Wolf his soul will always live on in our hearts

(1994 - 2009)

Uploaded 10/13/2009
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