The Adventures of Gyps, a picture book for children.

Once upon a time, there was a charming little lass who went by the name of Gyps. She was the descendent of two unkempt gypsies who harassed people to give them their change. Gyps, however, never wanted to be a gypsy and rather attempted to pursue a career involving being the biggest cunt in existence. 


Gyps searched up and down, left and right in order to achieve the greatest status of being the queen of cunts. Acquiring such a high position was surely laughed upon, as both parents of Gyps as well as her "friends" (if you consider used condoms and dildos friends) constantly ridiculed Gyps in her quest of being a wet and sloppy cunt. 


Gyps, however, was resistant to the persistent neglect and the bombardment of insults and continued on with her trek in order to achieve full cuntness. One day, Gyps got on her knees and took multiple cocks to the face at the face cock slapping temple as a sacrifice of her dignity to the Goddess of Cuntness from the heavens above. The Goddess, acknowledging Gyps' yearning for attention from the male community, responded almost immediately with the following, "Oy Gyps, oy mate. Oy, you want to be a cunt, bloke? Oy, eat some haggis, listen to Oasis, and participate in the UK riots, oy." 


Gyps, listening to her idol, followed the advice but after completing such tasks, she didn't feel like a total cunt. A sense of wrath began to envelop Gyps as she marched back to her face cock slapping temple and demanded for the goddess to grant her the ability to be a humungous cunt. The goddess silenced poor Gyps by binding her mouth shut and basked her in a room full of mirrors. She instructed Gyps to stare deeply into the mirrors and realize that ... she was a cunt all along! Gyps' mouth was free from the binding as she jumped for joy and came into accordance with the goddess. Gyps was a cunt this entire time! Gyps is a cunt! 


Nowadays, Gyps can be found inside the eBaum's World chatroom, spewing her cunt antics and whatnot and attempting to flirt with every guy, especially the macho and handsome Andrew Ryan (luckily for Andrew, he has self respect and does not use or abuse women).



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