The I LOVE YOU blog.

Since our blog has been bombarded with an influx of negativity, I believe that a session of nothing but positivity shall quench the tensions among the various groups.

MacDreidel - I respect your religion and I do not consider myself a hater towards the Jews - some of my closest friends are Jewish and I respect your views and beliefs. I may annoy you in chat but that's because I really care about you. I love you :) 

Dread - I know that you don't like me because my blogs are considered "worthless" in your eyes but you are certainly entitled to your own opinions and, in actuality, I don't care if you detest my blogs or not. I blog just for fun and I do not mean to inflict harm on you or your associates. I love you :)

Gyps - You are a strong individual who has gone through a lot and I can understand the issues in society that have plagued you. You aren't a cunt. I love you :)

Snafoo - You are not going to read this mindless dribble because you, along with a majority of everyone here hates me, but I would just like to apologize for tempting with your bipolar disorder. I did not mean to impose upon your presence thus enabling your anger. I love you :)

PepperPeanut - yeah, I love you :)

Neko - I love you :)

Letmedangle - You have an unexplainable obsession over pizza so I love you :)

Tyaeda - You are extremely grouchy and you hate everyone who supports Neko but I love you :)

Dawnthief - I understand that you've taken offense to me calling you Neko but you shouldn't as Neko is both a prosperous and altruistic individual. I love you :)

steev0 - you may be a fat juggalo but that doesn't mean that I don't love you :) 

Okay everybody, group hug! Cookies and kisses for all! MWAHHHHHHH! 

Uploaded 08/13/2011
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