The N-Word and You, an eBaum's World Perspective.

As a struggling white man in today's demanding and overbearing society, I was almost reluctant to post a blog regarding the social economic gaps between certain individuals and how the disparity has ultimately affected the mindsets of many individuals, particularly those who are labeled as "minorities." 

What is a "minority," you may be asking yourself. The term itself is outdated and preposterous as some kook in the 1950s pulled a census out of his ass and duly noted the lower numbers of non-white individuals compared to white individuals hence the categorization of the non-white individuals as being "minorities." It turns out, however, that in 2050, whites will become minorities themselves and thus entitling them as being the "majority minority" (contradictory terminology spewed by liberals, who else?) while the non-whites assume becoming the "minority majority" (say what?) due to their higher birthing rates and indifference towards practicing safe sex. With the increase in interracial relationships and the Jew controlled media, the second hand ticks away as the white population, particularly in America, dwindles to numbers close to extinction.

So what, Andrew? Your spewing has taken a tangent away from the main point of this argument!

Settle down, simpleton. As a future "majority minority," I would like to be BASKED in the same privileges that non-whites receive. Alluding to these privileges, I would like the censoring of the proclaimed INFAMOUS "n-word" to be removed at once. This isn't a matter of racial superiority or attempting to stir controversy but rather to extend my freedom of speech on this particular website. I have been bombarded by a plethora of racial slurs, ranging from "cracker" to "white bread," and I have YET to see PepperPeanut or MacDreidel censor such blatant derogatory words. 

Again, the point is not to PERPETUATE RACISM, as one may assume from my rant, but rather to grant ME, the future "majority minority," the ABILITY to say whatever I want as my race gradually disappears into a deep dark abyss. The hypocrisy radiating from the men and women who moderate this website is quite astounding as I have personally witnessed instances where blacks have littered the chatroom with "stupid cracker" and "death to whitey" while Pepper and MacDreidel sit on their thumbs and allow such hateful speech to be spewed. On the other hand, if a white man was to REFER to Mark Twain and mention the RAUNCHY vocabulary from his various works or, in general, use the "n-word," it would not be possible as simply typing the "n-word" in a joking and non-harmful sense would result in complete blatant censoring. 

Nowadays, the context of the "n-word" is different than the context back in the days of slavery or the Civil Rights Movement - sure, we can all acknowledge a handful of racists who detest blacks simply due to the color of their skin but for the MOST PART, racism has been quelled to a mostly extreme point. Lynching is no longer practiced, the thirteenth amendment has completely ABOLISHED slavery, and the Civil Rights Movement resulted in blacks receiving rights. By censoring the "n-word," oh so powerful moderators, you are part of today's minority of hateful and intentional racism - you are disallowing persons to fully express themselves by censoring a mere word. A MERE WORD. 

Go ahead, "tl;dr" this blog because I am just venting my frustrations towards the hypocrisy displayed by our so-called "amicable" moderators - we are all humans and we all deserve to say what we want to say without having some power riddled douchebag telling us what not to say and what to say. Give us liberty or give us death. 

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