Things You Need For The Perfect 4/20

1. Bud


This one is obvious, however, a lot of people that don't usually smoke come out of the woodwork on this high holiday. People, know what weed you're smoking, and how it is going to affect you. Sativas bring you up while indicas bring you down and into the couch. Just be aware of how much and how strong your THC of choice is. 


2. Good Movie/Tunes



So this just depends on what you're up for, some good tunes or a badass flick. Getting stoned and listening to your favorite record or  watching your favorite comedy can have a huge impact on the success of your high. You can even watch a favorite horror movie if you really want to fuck yourself up. Click here for some good recommendations:


3. Munchies 



So stoned and so, so hungry. It's a common sensation as the THC hits your blood stream and you start to feel giggly and heavy. Having Yelp and a multitude of different delivery services is an entirely new game for hungry pot smokers. However, the old standby of microwaved burritos, popcorn, chips and cheese dip, frozen pizza and frozen Reese's Peanutbutter Cups always is a good go to. 


4. Candles/Covered Lamp


Nothing bums out a high quite like a nasty overhead light. One minute you're enjoying your buzz and the next minute you feel like your sitting in a hospital in a David Fincher movie. Lose the overhead light completely and replace it with some nice candles or a lamp with a thin piece of cloth draped over it. 


5. Decent Conversation  

You know that friend or partner you can always talk to and always enjoy their point of view tremendously? That's who you should get high with. Nothing is worse than having a mile-a-minute, narcissistic, blabber mouth next to you while you're trying to ride out your buzz calmly. Ditch that know-it-all knucklehead and only get stoned with some who can either; A.) Make you laugh a lot, or B.) Expands your mind to new ideas. 


6. A Hot Shower



Taking a hot shower already feels amazing, but taking a shower after smoking is on another level. Some people argue that the shower dulls their high, however, no evidence that heating up your body temp will make you any less stoned. Being high in the shower with someone else also, the way to go . . . 


7. A Beer or Two



A bottle of suds can be just what you want when your lighting up. The booze can stretch out the high a little and also bring you down if you're starting to feel some anxiety from a heavy sativa. Careful with this one, because if you're not used to being high and drinking you can get crossfaded pretty damn quick. 


8. Sex


This is the one activity on the list that everyone loves to do, stoned or not. When THC is in your system, every breath, and touch from your partner is a million times more intense. Be Warned: You may finish quicker depending on how loud your bag of sticky is. 


9. Video Games


This is a sensitive one because the stereotype of "lazy stoners" revolves around sitting on the couch, shirt full of chip crumbs, playing video games. But getting lost in a great video game, be it simple or with an intense story is super enjoyable while smoking. Who needs VR when smoking a bowl and playing Mario-Kart is the equivalent of going to space. 


10. Nature

Not all high activities have to be indoor ones, some of the best hikes and walks happen when you're completely blitzed. A sundown walk or trip to the beach, when stoned, is the perfect afternoon or evening. 

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