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As a veteran user, author of numerous original content media that was featured on Ebaumsworld, writer of many blogs, some of which were featured on different websites (linking to the blogs I've written here) but also one of the most beloved users here, I feel obligated to explain the rules to some of the new users, and possibly users who don't realise certain facts.

The content

First off, let's get something straight. When you upload a clip that was popular on Youtube in 2008 don't expect it to get featured. Ebaumsworld searches for fresh media and sets the standards high. Try opting for something new, that has potential of becoming viral.

I uploaded something but another user had it featured and my upload got deleted as a duplicate

This is one of the most common whine you get to hear from newbies. The thing is, yours had a shitty quality and a Liveleak watermark, and the other didn't in most cases. Another thing is you re-posted someone elses clip from Youtube and have the nerve to complain about someone else having it featured? Seriously?

My blog gets cut down!

Blogs written by copypasters and commonly known eBone whores and spammers are going to trigger a limitation. The paraghraph block (shitty bloggers and drama queens get a limitation on the number of symbols their blogs display; usually a short paragraph shows up while the rest of their blog gets cut off) prevents plagiarisers from getting feedback, for example.

Original content is preferred

If you're the author of an interesting gallery or a series of clips, the administrators will likely want to work with you. If your material is interesting, it will most likely get featured, as original content has priority over re-posts.

The alt game

Some users have alts. They often don't like you. You, in turn don't like them. Don't engage in pointless arguments. It's like arguing about politics with a five year old. There are no winners here. You will, on the other hand, likely get your submissions rated down by a butt hurt dork. Voting others down leads to chain reactions of people getting mad at each other and one-starring each other.

Oh no, my comment has been thumbed down twenty times and someone insulted me and their comment got over fifty thumbs up

The irony here is, it was probably in a media that has less than a hundred views. Yes, there's people here who have made hundreds of alt accounts they use for voting themselves up, especially in their petty arguments. It's sad, but you need to get accustomed to them because there's a lot of these idiots here.

Getting the title and description right

Try to describe the content as best you can. A clip with the title "Funny cat" and "LOL" as the description shows you as a neanderthal. You should also put in a few tags describing what your upload contains.

Quality over quantity

If you're going to upload every clip you find on another website in hopes of getting it featured, you'll soon be marked as a pariah by the admins. Even if you upload something great, new and unique, they won't bother viewing it because they know you tend to upload shit. Same goes for single pics and galleries. Instead of posting 20 single pictures, find some more and upload them as one gallery.

Don't spam

Once you've uploaded something, don't message the mods about how awesome the clip you re-posted from Youtube is. More likely you'll message a moderator who doesn't choose the features than get a positive response. The moderators who choose the features do so with scrutiny and they browse through the new submissions as well as some older ones.

Don't whine in general

You got banned for saying something racist? Boo hoo. You've seen the same media featured on another website? So what? Nobody is interested in your whimper. People come here to have fun and not read complaints about the most retarded shit. Calm your stupid ass down, this is a humor website.

Don't give out your personal info

It's common practice from some people here to prank the users they don't like and take credit for, for example, making fun of their family. This kind of thing happens quite often, and the moderators are helpless when it comes for someone who was foolish enough to hand out their personal information to a stranger. What you can hope for is the user harassing you getting banned, but more likely or not they will come back on an alt. So protect your privacy and be careful what you tell other users here!

Have fun

Be sure to treat this website accordingly, meaning that it's a source of fun, not a place where you unload your frustration. It's not some kind of a competition, so be respectful to other users and submit quality material. You need to become an established user before you gain approval from the moderators, so don't cry about the same users getting featured constantly. They are known to provide quality material and that's why they are getting their uploads on main page.

If you have questions I haven't covered here, you can pm me. I'll gladly try to help you.

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