Tis' Truly The Season Of Giving

Good day blog section! I'd like to apologize for being scarce lately.. life's been throwing me some curve balls and and I've been tied up with some personal projects in my free time that I'm trying to tie up and get done. However I promise! A great post apocalyptic blog will come soon! Todays blog is a bit different from my norm.. As I'm not even quite sure how to create a proper intro into a something like this.. I suppose I will just have to let it spill on the floor.

I got off work yesterday and rushed home. There was a wrapped package in front of my door, but since I was in quite a rush, I picked up, walked inside and dropped it on the table. I only had a few hours to put my hair BACK into a not-so-disheveled pony tail, grab my purse, toss back a glass of water, run to the liquor store for beer, then to a friends' house to see another great, old friend who had just arrived and was visiting the area for the holidays. I had just finished up all the floor tile in a house I was working on.. I didn't even have time to get out of my thin-set crusted pants or peel off my thick vinyl gloves. I hung out for a few hours, encouraged some laughs, visited everyone and celebrated stories of the past and shortly after all that, bid my adieus and left to pick up the wee one from the grandparents house. When Lillian (said wee one) and I got home it was well past her bedtime, so we scrubbed up at the sink, brushed our teeth and I put her to bed.

This morning while she and I were getting ready in the living room, she took notice to the new wrapped package on the table. She asked if Santa had brought it like the other gifts under the tree, to which I assured her, "it must've". When I piced the package up, I finally took notice to the fact that there was no posted address on the gift neither was there a return address. Lillian was already begging to open it and had been begging to open "just one gift" for many days and nights now, so on top of that and sheer curiosity.. I let her open it. Inside was a photo copied letter that I had recognized. It was a copy of a letter that I had helped Lillian write in October to Santa. I helped her write it, but all the words were hers. Also photocopied on the paper was the post marked envelope we mailed it off in when we deposited it off at the post office just the day after. Also inside the box were the few things Lillian had asked for in the letter. A barbie, a blue pony, and of course.. some clothes ( lol.. girls). The few things Lillian had asked for from Santa aside from being able to see him this season.. which luckily she has. There was no letter saying who it came from so that I can possibly say thank you. No indicator whatsoever of where it came from... guess that jolly bastard is real.

Happy Holidays and Happy Chrismahanakwanzikah to you eBaum's World!


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