To infinity and beyond

This is just something I have been thinking about. I was watching the starwars saga last week and several questions popped into my head about certain aspects of the movie that may in the future have applications into our daily lives. The biggest one that got me thinking was the possibility of highways in the sky and cars that can fly.

I honnestly think that the idea behind this is great. Your car can fly, and you can go anywhere you want. Travel time will be shortened extensively. Life would be great.

Thinking harder on this matter I believe that, as a whole, the earth will never allow this to happen.

Think about it for just a minute, and I believe that you will agree. This planet is full of highly irresposible drivers who cause thousands of accidents a year. There are drivers who get lost traveling on the highways we have laid out on solid ground with plenty of markings letting you know where you are. Take all of that and then toss it into the air, and my friends you can see the problems that will arrise.

Firstly, the fatality rate on car accidents will rise dramaticly.  Now, when someone is not paying attention behind the wheel, not only do they ruin their car but then they get to enjoy the ride that gravity will take them on. Next up, and I know I am going to get some comments on this subject from someone, what happens when you run out of fuel? I have a feeling that gravity gets to take you on another ride.

My Second point is this, and this kinda supports the first one. People drive down the wrong lanes of traffic right now and get lost on clearly marked roads. This happens all the time and we all have seen it one time or another. There will always be stupid drivers.

Like I said, I was just thinking about this for the past week and this is the conclusion that I have come to.  So I wrote a blog.\

this has been a moment from,


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