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Today, I write my first blog on this site in almost 3 years, and for what has felt like much, much longer. The title may be a bit misleading to some of you, however for the 3 of you still left from back then, just know I will stand by my word of never again actually doing my today in history blogs. I did however have the want to sit down and write, and although I have found a permanent home elsewhere on the interwebs, this place still has its own cupboard attached to my heartstrings.  


I made a comment recently that with every large change to this place, I somehow always found my way back here.  I could talk for days about the time before the event we lovingly called "the fire" and our little bar of misfits, assholes, recluses, and intellectuals burned down and split apart. Things were a bit rocky afterwards and a few of us tried to rebuild what we had. It was a lost cause at the time and like the many others before us, we abandoned ship.


This brings us back to today and this blog. This place never sank, but it is most definitely a shell of its former self. The blog section is, and always has been one of the least visited areas on the site. It is good to see that there are still a handful of bloggers that have remained active. I think I may throw my hand back into the fray and add a blog here and there. I cannot say that I will ever go back to being as active as I was before, but for those of you who care, which is most assuredly none of you at all, I felt I would let you know you will be seeing my terrified of sock puppet face around here from time to time.


As always, until next time, this was a moment from Godlib

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