Trolling Facebook Moms

     I haven't gone on Facebook in a couple of months and decided to check it today.  Within five minutes of being online, I remembered why. HOLY SHIT, THE NEVER ENDING BABY PHOTOS.      A ton of my friends now have babies and can't seem to control the urge to take 12 pictures every time they change its outfit. Guess what? All of your babies look the same! And furthermore, until they're a bit older and can actually make facial expressions and DO things, every picture looks the same. That's right. I feel like I've browsed through 2 million photos of the same god damned baby.      So I decided to start a little bit of a baby album myself and see how it goes. From now on, I'm going to upload the most grotesque, disturbing pictures of baby spiders I can find, and speak about them as if they're my children. I wonder how long it will take before the mommies of Facebook realize I'm screwing with them? I wonder how many people with think I'm serious?

7 Months! Can't wait to meet my beautiful little babies!!!MQJRSQ3RFKS0I0TQ80FQ703Q80NRJKBR803Q90K0


Awww! My babies are learning how to crawl!134662d1250756324-spiders-where-do-they-


Taking the kids for a stroll!NcR5uF9.jpg

Kind of want to place bets on how many of my friends will delete me. Ha!

Uploaded 06/19/2013
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