What Do People Talk About These Days?

What besides boring weather or the cuteness factor of someone's dog or cat can people actually have a heart to heart discussion? Unless you fit a certain political correctness mold, you tempt disgust for your individual ideas if you dare express them. You never know what nerve you might strike by actually expressing an opinion to any individual or group of people. I've been doing this for years and it hasn't made me a friend. Well, not in the sense of popularity, which has not really concerned me other than the observance of responses. 


Any position you take that is not within the confines of public opinion, quickly gets you relegated to a quack or ignoramus. And then to top it off, any discussion on your part outside of "Expert knowledge" degenerates your views as unsourced, lacking credibility or pseudo science. Science itself suggests hypothesis based on observance and intuitiveness, but current thinking has restricted hypothesis to fact, because no new idea has been proven or scientifically demonstrated? 


This is a big problem for youth and the creative mind, they will hold back their creativeness, their imaginations and their ideas as known scientific ideas block their breaking away from accepted ideas, instead of allowing them to examine potentials outside of a protected realm of ideas and science. 



Uploaded 08/10/2015
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