Where in the world was Andrew Ryan?


Ohey, you guys! Your friendly neighborhood Andrew Ryan here, planning to explain my rather lengthy absence from the eBaum blog section. 

I was recently campaigning across the universe (yes, I managed to obtain various means in order to transmit messages through the entire universe) in order to make Neko the complete total owner of eBaum's World (and possibly the Internet). 

Prior to making a rather vital speech in North Korea regarding the relations between Neko and the North Koreans, I was knocked out backstage and abducted by a group of what appeared to be Neko Punched haters - I came to this conclusion due to the butthurt expressions on their rather sorrowful faces and their gaudy red shirts that read "RON PAUL 2012." 

The group, most likely lead by Rin or that hound dog rednote, waterboarded me, demanding for me to cease the spread of the overall altruism that Neko brings to both eBaum's World and the world in general. After days and days of being waterboarded and being the victim of black strap-on asshole ramming, I escaped from the facility and ran straight to my computer to explain my perilous adventure while campaigning. 

Don't worry, Neko baby, I'm back ... and I'm poised to spread the word of Nekology. GOD BLESS - oh wait, Neko is GOD ... NEKO BLESS NEKO! NEKO PUNCH! NEKO PUNCH! 

Uploaded 09/01/2011
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