YOUTUBE DRAMA - Alfie Deyes Snitches On Other Channels To Youtube’s CEO

Youtuber and social media star, Alfie Deyes has released an interview with Youtube’s CEO, Susan Wojciki, calling for commentary channels to be demonitised.


In the interview, Deyes calls for Susan to change the rules surrounding commentary channels on youtube. Commentary channels are youtube channels that comment on other youtubers actions and videos, often holding them accountable for problematic content or behaviour. This is often done in the form of humorous skits or reaction videos. Alfie, who is often called out on his problematic behaviour, attempted to persuade youtube’s CEO that all of these channels were bad and damaging to youtube. He expressed discomfort with youtube commentary channels making money for simply being ‘haters’ and called for them to be demonitised - imagine snitching on your work friends?! AWKWARD.

So why does Alfie care so much? Deyes and his girlfriend, Zoella, have been the subject of many scandals:

  • Living on £1 a day - Alfie’s latest scandal was back in 2018 when he posted a video entitled ‘Living of one pound a day.’  Alfie soon had to take down the video after receiving a wave of criticism. He was accused of glamourising and frivolising poverty as well as for being a tory who was completely out of touch. Alfie released an apology video, emphasising that he was ‘super sorry’ for the insensitivity of the video.

  • Zoella’s £50 advent calendar - Alfie’s girlfriend also came under fire for her overpriced advent calendar last christmas. She created an advent calendar with only 12 doors for the 24 days of christmas, stocked with cheap items, retailing at £50 per calendar. This sparked a major backlash, with newspapers and commentary channels calling her out for exploiting her young fans.


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Shockingly, or not in this case, Alfie’s snitching didn’t go down well with other youtubers. Commentary channels such as Memeulous and Veena V hit back at Alfie’s controversial opinions.

Not only did this not go down well with commentary channels, but many of Alfie’s followers took to twitter to express their disagreement. Here are some of the best twitter reactions to the interview:

@meli_loz01 - What you say about commentary channels is not ok. They’re not “haters”, they have the same function as media journalists but on YouTube. In fact, they don’t even go as hard on criticism as other media journalists. The fact that you can’t take criticism is YOUR problem, not theirs.

@str4wperrie - so you’re asking to censor anyone you don’t agree with just bc you can’t handle a different opinion,

@LLexilmao -How about growing a pair instead of asking for commentary youtubers to be demonized

@lailabetts29 - a very selfish and cowardly way of dealing with criticism. you’re stuck in 2012 youtube. times have changed. get a grip

@Alex_Taylor0 - Imagine saying commentary channels shouldn't be paid because you cant handle criticism... This is how people make money to live. Also theres plenty of commentary channels that are well researched and informative e.g @itsangelaa_xo


OUCH. With these reactions, Alfie would have saved himself a lot of hate and controversy if he'd kept his mouth shut. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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