Beer Football

A gay guy walks into a bar, sees the straight men watching football and starts laughing.

Man: "What are you laughing at faggot?"

Gay Guy: "I cant believe you guys are watching that boring ass game, when I know a sport we can play right here."

Man: "We don't wanna play gay games, faggot, go away"

Gay Guy: "Well my game combines beer and football, and you always get wasted"

Bartender: "What are you talking about faggot?"

Gay Guy: "Well, It's called Beer Football. It only requires two players, and usually only lasts one round because someone gets too drunk to play. To play you need:

1. The biggest pitcher full of beer this place has.

2. A perimeter around the room to run."

Bartender: "That sounds like a cool game faggot, I bet you learned that when you were straight. Well how do you get points?"

Gay Guy: "Well, first you have to chug the pitcher of beer down as fast as you can, then run around the room.
If you make it, TOUCHDOWN! Six points! And if you wanna make a field goal, you have to pull your pants down, bend over and fart!
Ta da! Seven Points! Who thinks they can take me on?"

Bartender: "Haha that sounds like a game I would think of, I can kick your ass faggot. I accept your challenge."

The men start making bets on who is going to win. Making comments on how they should play this game at drinking parties and such.

The Bartender fills up this 2 gallon pitcher and sets it on the counter.

Bartender: " You go first Gay-Man-McGee"

The gay guy goes up does a gay dance and picks up the beer and starts chugging away.
He downs the two gallons in less than thirty seconds! He runs around the bar, doesnt even stumble! Gets to the end and pulls his pants down and lets out a huge fart!

Gay guy: "Seven Points! Seven Points!"

Now the men are worried and the Bartender is nervous.

The Bartender gets up and grabs the two gallon pitcher and starts drinking. He spills most of it and barely gets it down 3 minutes later.
He tries to run around the room and knocks some tables down before he gets to the end, but he makes it! He pulls his pants down and bends over

When the gay guy comes up behind him and says
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