Priest and Rabi

One day a Rabi visit the pope. He sees two phones on the pope's table. So he asks the pope ' why do you have two phones?' The priest replies ' one is a regular phoneand the other is a direct line to heaven.'
The Rabi asks ' may i use it?'
To which the pope says ok and surely enough the rabi starts talking to people in heaven. Once finished the Rabi says 'That call must must have been expensive please allow me to pay for it.'
The Pope agrees and the rabi pays and goes back to Israel.
A few months later the Pope visits the Rabi. On the rabi's desk he sees two phones. His curiosity gets the better of him and he asks ' why are there two phones on that desk?'
The Rabi replies ' one of the is a regular phone phone ans the other is a direct line to heaven.' The pope asks iof he may use it the Rabi says o.k, the pope uses the phone, talks to some guy in heaven and then offers to pay for the call because it would have been expensive.
The Rabi replies ' Its okay, It was only a local call.'
Uploaded 12/28/2007
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