Revive Coma Patient

A couple is newly married and they love each other very much. Unfortunately, they get in a terrible car accident and although the man emerges from the wreckage unhurt, his wife is seriously injured and falls into a coma.

Devastated, the man waits by his wife's bedside 24 hours a day cleaning her and changing her diapers. Months pass and the woman's condition does not change. The man fears the worst.

One day after months of waiting, the man gets bored and feels up his wife's breast as it had been ages since he'd had any sexual contact. The wife suddenly arches her back and gives out a moan.

The man is shocked and excited, so he rushes out the door and summons the doctor.

The man explains what happened to the doctor and the doctor responds: "sir, that's absolutely amazing. Perhaps it is sexual stimulation that will bring your wife out of the coma. Sir, I would like you to continue with this experiment. Please, have oral sex with your wife and see if she responds. I'll wait outside the room until you're done"

The doctor waits outside the room and gives the man some privacy. They wait for several minutes. Suddenly the man rushes from the room crying and is inconsolable. The doctor grabs the man and asks: "sir, please, what happened?"

The man looks at the doctor: "doctor, my wife is dead. I had oral sex with her as you asked...and now she's gone."

The doctor asks "but sir, how is that possible?"

The man replies "she choked."
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