The Gambler

At a bank in Florida, the manager noticed that a very old man was depositing five-thousand dollars cash everyday. One day, the president had a teller to send the man to his office next time he came in. The next day, the old man came in and was sent to the office. The president asked him why he deposits five-thousand dollars everyday and not deposit all his money at once?
"I make the five-thousand dollars daily and don't want to keep it in my home." Replied the old man.
"You make five-thousand dollars a day? May I ask what it is you do?" Questioned the president.
"I Gamble," He explained matter-of-factly."I make bets with people around town. Would you like to see?"
Astounded, he agrees.
"I bet you five-thousand dollars I can kiss my eye." He said.
Sure that there is no way he could lose, the president threw five-thousand more dollars on his desk. The old man grinned, pulled out his glass eye and gave it a quick kiss before replacin
before replacing it in it's socket and taking the cash.
"I'll give you a chance to win your money back." chuckled the man." I bet another five-thousand that I can bite my ear."
Weary of the last trick, the businessman gives the old man's ears a quick tug. Satisfied, he throws down another five-thousand on his desk.
Reaching into his mouth, the old man pulls out his dentures and clasps them on his earlobe and puts them back in his mouth before pocketing the rest of the money and leaving the office with a bow.
The next day, furious about being had, the president of the bank chases the man down in the lobby of the busy bank.
"Please sir, I must have a chance to win my money back. I can't work knowing I had been fooled so badly."
The old man rubbed his chin and agreed. "Fine, I'll make you one more bet. If you win, I'll give you your money back, and if I win, I'll simply keep what you have already lost to me."
Happy with this wonderful opportunity, the banker quickly agrees.
"I bet...You are wearing blue underwear."
"Aha! Gotcha! I'm wearing white underwear! see?!" exclaimed the president with great excitement, pulling down his trousers and pointing to his underwear with victory.
The old man beamed brighter than ever and handed the banker his money back. Curious again he asked, “Why do you look so happy? If you guessed right, you would be ten-thousand dollars richer."
The old man waved his hand in dismiss. "It's ok, I bet all five of your tellers, five-thousand dollars each that I could make their boss pull his pants down in the middle of the bank."
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