The Mouse and the Elephant

An elephant was walking through the jungle one day when suddenly he fell into a hole. "Help!" he yelled. A mouse heard his cry for help and came running. When the mouse finally made it to the elephant, the elephant said, "Please Mr. Mouse, if you save me I'll be your best friend forever." The mouse agreed, and told the elephant to wait just a second. The mouse came back in his corvette, tied a rope around the elephant, and pulled him out.

A few days later the mouse was walking through the jungle when all of a sudden, he fell into a hole. The mouse yelled for help, and soon that same elephant that he had saved just a few days earlier came to the rescue. The mouse said to the elephant, "Remember me? I'm that same mouse that saved you from a hole. Could you please help me?" The elephant agreed to help him. The elephant did not have a corvette so he just dropped his penis down in the hole. The mouse climbed up the elephant's penis and was safe.

The moral of a story, if you have a big dick, you don't need a corvette.
Uploaded 04/09/2009
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