46 People Online Packed to the Brim With Bullsh*t

Telling a lie is something pretty much every single human being who's ever lived has been guilty of... well I guess at least since the invention of language that is. Sometimes it's an innocent tiny white lie to protect someone's feelings or overall well-being. Other times it may just be a mistaken recollection of an event or memory, or perhaps just a harmless little embellishment of the details to make the story or event even juicer than it actually was.

Then you have the people who lie about any and everything under the Sun. Some of them may have legitimate issues or compulsions, while others just seem to be bored or have a need to make themselves appear better or more interesting than they really are. Whatever the case, some people just can't help themselves and have a constant need to spice up the truth. Check out this collection of people clearly lying on the internet and unfortunately for them, no one is believing it.
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