15 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Girlfriends

Sometimes I thank God I'm single. It is so much easier on my brain, my heart, and my wallet. My only financial needs are beer money and food money and rent. No need for gifts or random surprises and getaways. One night stands are as frequent as you make them. All you need to worry about is your mother's constant nagging about settling down. And just for that it is worth it to at least have a fake girlfriend you pay to come to holidays.

But as you plot tricking your parents this year into thinking you are capable of finding love, it is very easy, don't get yourself a girlfriend. Love yourself, love your parents, even your dog. Just not girls. They can really through you for a loop.

But if you are still convinced that you must be joined to someone by the hip and the bank account, at the very least take the time to learn what it takes with these very real sexual relationship memes that will give you the ins and outs of it. Or just look at the current state of dating in the world with these relationship memes all about what the real world is like.
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