Police Officers Give Their Take on the Texas Fiasco

In the wake of the unspeakable tragedy that took place at Robb elementary school, the national conversation has focused on the mishandling of the situation by police as it unfolded. Hearing stories of parents being restrained while officers present waited for a full hour as the rampage continued has understandably enraged many. Why didn't officers enter the school immediately? Were they or weren't they legally obligated to engage the attacker? How could we leave him unchecked for as long as we did?

These questions and many have been left to simmer on the internet. People want answers -- real answers -- but not from content writers or even bona fide journalists. They want to know what was going on in the minds of the officers on the scene who stand at the center of this tragedy.

Down below is a series of answers compiled from police officers, military and other first responders, each one giving their own take on the crisis. Rather than skimming only the highest-rated comments on the thread, we chose to sort through and collect a mix of both the best-rated and most controversial comments to get a cross-section of the whole conversation unfolding on the massive thread.
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