30 of the Most Cringe Inducing Pics Spotted in a While

Navigating through the social fabric can be tricky for all of us at times, but there are some poor souls who never seem to get the hang out of. Check out this group of cringe inducing posts seen around the web.

Why can't some people learn to act more normally than they do? Especially online? Presumably were you to put them in person with someone else they would not decide to spew absolute nonsense about whatever they have decided to talk about, probably something about dominating the other genders or how they're the realest man out there. Maybe they wouldn't be normal in person, but they wouldn't do that. Even if they wanted to, they wouldn't have the guts. Yet here they are online, acting that way, when they must know deep down it is not the way a normal person conducts themselves. All we can do is cringe and laugh, so that's what we'll do.
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