19 Women Who Confirm the Phrase ‘America the Beautiful'

So what our country has gone to sh*t. Doesn't mean we can't show our appreciation to the heroes protecting and serving the US of A.

Listen, I was never going to join the military. I'm not the type of person you want in the on the front lines. If we're being honest my body type is literally just if Michael Cera and Jonah Hill had a baby boy. I snapped my collar bone playing football in high school and haven't done much since.

But enough about how un-athletic I am. This gallery is about the fine women protecting and serving this country. And good for them. The supreme court is trying to take away pretty much all of their rights. But these women are still fighting the good fight, still protecting this sh*t show of a country.

If anyone deserves some support and appreciate, it's the beautiful women in this gallery. Enoy.
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