20 Internet Liars Peddling BS No One is Buying

One of the crappy things about the internet is all the attention seeking people who are constantly stretching the truth, telling tall tales, and embellishing their lives to make themselves seem cooler, more interesting, or more likable than they actually are in real life. It seems like a tempting situation to be in, most of the people don't know you and there isn't really any way for them to find out the truth unless you expose your personal information or happen to stumble upon someone who knows you in real life.

Check out this big batch of attention seekers looking for some fake brownie points from strangers online. People who think we can't tell when they've made up a story are too far up their butts to know night from day. These bozos are the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme, and they're totally full of sh*t.
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