20 TV Shows That Fans Have Ruined So I Never Have to Watch

Ah, yes. One of my favorite subjects to write about; garbage TV shows.

If you think this is a piece just for clicks, or anger-bait, or whatever you call it. Think again. I genuinely don't like any of these television programs. First things first, laugh tracks and live audiences are played out. And if I have to listen to that 'Seinfeld' bass line interrupting every scene, I'm gonna slice my ears off.

Secondly, if a large group of people or fans are completely j*zzing their pants over a tv show on the internet, twitter, any social media, I'm not into it. I haven't watched one episode of 'Game of Thrones' for that exact reason.

So if we ever work together, I truly apologize. I'm going to lie to your face and tell you 'Yes, I'll put it on my list!' But trust me, I will never watch the show you suggested.
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