20 Pics and Posts That Aged like a Fine Wine

These posts couldn't have aged any better if they tried.

Obviously in this day and age it seems like more and more people are becoming victims of cancel culture. Whether it's for their actions or more commonly things they have said or posted on the internet. Things that typically haven't aged well at all.

We thought it would be nice to take a break from all the negativity. So we wanted to focus our energy on posts and pictures that HAVE aged well. Not only have they aged well, but they've basically outperformed in a way that they originally shouldn't have.

In that light, we'd like give a massive shoutout to Things That Aged Well on Twitter. Without them we couldn't have put together this gallery. A gallery that includes tweets, TV shows, newspaper clippings, and pretty much anything that had predicted something in the future. Honestly that's a win in our book. So without further ado, enjoy 20 pics and posts that aged like a fine wine.
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