20 Thoughts for ‘Just Resting Your Eyes’ in the Shower

We've collected another batch of shower thoughts for those peaceful moments between rinsing and realizing you're running late.

Picture this. You're on vacation. You're at the beach. You've been swimming and in the sun since 11am. The suntan lotion and sand have created a makeshift exfoliant and your skin is as soft as a pillow.

The sun has peaked. Time for that pre-dinner shower. You hop in, the water stings your sunburnt skin just a bit. You can feel the loose sand falling to the shower floor. You let the water run through your hair...and you drift away. Peace and quiet. Cleanse your mind.

That's the f*cking perfect shower. And this gallery is full of the things that you think about during that time. It's your time to let your mind wander wherever it wants to go.

Yeah, maybe you think about what you want to eat for dinner that night. But maybe you want to know what happens if you die at the top of a waterslide. Do they chuck you down? Or do they make the excruciating trip back down those absurd stairs? What do they do??
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