20 Things That Are Classy if You're Rich, But Trashy if You're Poor

Money may not buy *everything,* but it definitely buys respect.

This list reminds me of a joke I read about a poor Caribbean fisherman and Bill Gates that illustrates the double standard we have around wealth.

Bill was on a tropical vacation and saw a fisherman sleeping in a hammock, so he asked the guy "Hey, how come you're not still fishing out there?" The fisherman replied that he'd already caught enough fish for the day, so now he was enjoying the rest of the day.

Bill responded, "But if you keep fishing, you'll catch more fish to sell and make more money! If you make more money you can buy a bigger boat to catch even MORE fish and make even MORE money! Then you can buy a second boat, and a third, and so on until you have a whole fleet! Then, after that, you can incorporate your fishing company and be the CEO! Eventually, you'll have hundreds of other people fishing for you while you count the cash!

"Ok, and then what?" asked the fisherman.

"Well, once you're rich, you can go on a tropical vacation like me and just relax and enjoy life in a hammock all day!"

The fisherman simply smiled and asked, "What do you think I was doing before you got here?"
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