20 Trashy Marriages to Avoid This Wedding Season

Safe to safe we're going to RSVP 'No thanks.'

Thanks to the subreddit Wedding Shaming, we've collected another batch of absurd, ridiculous, and flat-out trashy wedding pics. We've got everything from bridezillas, to tacky signs, to sh*tty groomsmen.

Look if you're hesitant about planning a wedding because you're intimidated, or you think it'll be tacky. That's totally fine. You don't have to worry, because that's literally why they have wedding planners that you can hire. Can't afford a wedding planner? Then don't post your terrible pics online to be roasted by the entire internet. Let me just say that some of these pics are straight-up garbage water.

I never do this but I'd like to call out one specific photo in this gallery and that's the couple with the guns. I'm genuinely curious how they're doing. Seeing as the dude pretended to be shooting himself in the head on their wedding day.

Anyway. It's all here, and it's all trash.
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