21 People Who Had Ink Done and Immediately Regretted It

Another batch of people who got some atrocious ink done.

I'm not here to tell you what to do/not do with your body. That's not for anyone but the U.S. government to decide (sarcasm.) But maybe the next time you want to get a tattoo, might I suggest at the very least going to a professional.

Here at eBaum's World, we're really good at judging people. It's one of the things we pride ourselves in. So thanks to the Instagram account Bad Tattoos we've collected some of the most cringeworthy, atrocious, and just plain stupid tats that people have had inked into their body.

Listen at the end of the day, we're all skin bags carrying around a bunch of bones who end up 6 feet beneath the ground. But forgive me if I'd prefer not to inject myself with something that looks like a 3-year-old played with crayons. Enjoy this gallery of us shaming the hell out these ridiculous tattoos.
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