32 People Who Felt the Sting of a Perfect Comeback

Posting and commenting on the internet (mainly social media) can definitely be a big risk. There are always people just waiting to pounce on a spelling error, a fact or piece of information that is wrong, or just bash on your appearance or whatever else it is you're trying to share. Waiting to crap all over someone's post is definitely not a noble act by any means, and some of the strangers from internetland can be quite mean and cruel, often personally attacking people.

This batch of pics is not that. These are more of the light-hearted and actually funny comments and replies to people who shared things on the internet. There is just something about funny comebacks and savage replies (when they aren't meant to just be mean and intentionally hurtful) that kind of makes them even better. So sit back and enjoy this collection of people who left the perfect comment at the perfect times.
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