21 Accurate Memes That Are So Real They Hurt

Memes come and memes go. They come in seemingly every shape, size and shade and yet endless seems their supply. You've got dank memes memes, fresh memes, boomer memes -- memes of all sorts. And, of course, you've got these memes. The accurate memes. The painfully accurate memes that know right where it hurts. The memes that know the truth.

Indeed, there's something cathartic about memes like these. Memes that can see the world clearly and know just what's going on. Memes that tell it like it is but in a comedic -- albeit brutal -- way. The kind of memes that might not cheer you up but you would want next to you in line at the gallows.

Indeed, these memes won't change a thing about the world. They have no power to change outcomes or influence events. But they can at least provide you some modicum of comfort by showing that they see it too. That these memes are with you and beside you as we journey into this bizarre, confusing life.
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