21 WWE Memes That Hit Us like Sweet Chin Music

Are you ready to look at some dank memes BROTHER?!

Alright, short story time. When I was in grade school (think early 2000s) I was obsessed with wrestling. Our entire class was. We had this awesome teacher Mr. Mac, who would regularly (and jokingly) choke slam us, or throw us against the wall, and let us pretend we were in the WWF (now WWE.)

Then I grew up, as you do, and had the heartbreaking realization that wrestling - brace yourselves - was fake. GASP. WTF??? Fake? How? Was my entire childhood a lie? Does this mean the NFL, MLB, all sports are fake as well?

Add these burning questions on top of heading to high school and puberty kicking into full gear, this was my first existential crisis.

But after a long hiatus, I finally accepted the fact that the WWE is staged and is meant to be entertaining. So here I am, writing a positive intro for a wrestling meme gallery. I feel like I've come full circle.

That being said, I'm here for anyone who needs to let out their frustrations. I know it's hard to accept that this is a fake sport. I urge you to let it out. Shoutout to WWE Memes on Facebook for the pics!
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Uploaded 08/30/2022
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