21 YouTube Comments That Are Absolute Insanity

We live in a society...

Of all the corners of the internet for us to gather content from, YouTube might be the last place we would think about. Obviously with Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook that are so text heavy, and typically written out for us already, what need would we have for perusing a video heavy site?

Lest we forget the comment section on YouTube has always been full of juicy comments just waiting to be curated. So with a little help from Absolutely Insane YouTube Comments, we've collected the wildest of the wild.

The YouTube comment section was arguably one of the first places on the internet where trolls could really be heard. Obviously eBaum's World was the OG troll site, but we'll give credit where credit is due. You might think it's just users roasting videos in the comments. But this gallery proves that YouTube has its fair share of clapbacks, trolls, and critics alike.
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