22 Infographics That Might Come in Handy Someday

You never know what might come handy. Be it that helpful fact that some dude told you during an awkward elevator ride or that random infographic that you spotted on ebaumsworld -- you know, the website renowned for funny jokes and dank meme galleries. Who know, you might find yourself being quizzed by a gang of roving game hosts in the dead of night and that types of dragons chart really came in handy.

More likely, you'll never find yourself in need of any of the information you're about to learn. But so what? School made you memorize the national birds of countries you've forgotten the name of and the anatomy of a flower -- you know, stuff you really need in your wage-slave job.

So, if you are going to learn something useless, it might as well be something fun, right? The chart down there about tactical hand signals is something you'll probably never need but is just kind of cool to read. So enjoy! That's all there is to it.

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