22 WTF Comments That Cannot Be Unread

We're a creative species. We descended from the trees with a fistful of opposable thumbs and a bigass prefrontal cortex just waiting to take some names. We started out naked, running through the wilderness after highly-confused mammals in our birthday suits, but quickly transitioned to rudimentary clothing. We made better tools. We slathered our surroundings in brain juice and several hundred centuries later we had for ourselves a glittering supermarket of a world.

Where our creativity was once tuned into survival, making sure to avoid the jaws of apex predators and spot that dude hiding in the tree line, we've become a heck of a lot more... comfortable. More easygoing. So we devote our time to the internet, expressing ourselves in the most creative of ways.

Down below is a series of comments so on-the-money and so as to be downright cursed. If you find yourself laughing at any of these -- and you might -- there's a good chance you're somewhat twisted.
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