21 Ruthless Facebook Comments Roasting the Posters

Post to facebook at your own risk. Here are 22 people who got roasted when they did.

It's quite arguable that the posts with the most stupidity compared to all other platforms happens on Facebook. Perhaps Twitter or Reddit are more ruthless with their responses and sheer quantity of dumb, but in terms of quality nothing can really compare with the OG, and the crazy dumb stuff people put on facebook.

Of course, when you post dumb stuff it's only fair that it gets roasted, and these people had to deal with prime commenters ready to tear them to shreds. Of course they deserve it. They deserve every bit of karma for what they post. After all, they are the worst of Facebook, and Facebook has the dumbest people on offer anywhere.

So with all that said and done, quit reading this and go read about some people who got roasted on Facebook. 22 of them in fact. Go! Go now, why are you still here?

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