22 Fresh Memes of the Dankest Kind

The latest of crop of dankness brings with it yet another harvest of dank memes for you sick folks to sink your teeth into. Memes of myth and legend just... sprouting from the earth, ripe for the plucking. Here you are, yet again, here to enjoy these freshly-risen memes. Here I am, describing them in unnecessary detail. Again...

This is the part where I tell you all about the "winds of dankness" and how "a dank a day keeps the doctor away" or drone on about how, at day's end, there's "nothing better than a danker-than-dank meme." You scroll, you peruse through and peek at the memes scaped from the top of the internet. Hopefully, you chuckle.

And then tomorrow the sun rises and we do our little dance again. The column of kicked-up dusk rising over the distant road announces your arrival. I step out onto the porch, squinting my eyes over the baked earth as you pull up. We haggle over price and then, in the span of a minute, you're driving off with your haul of dankness. Again.
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