23 People Who Cracked a Good Joke in the Comments Section

The comments section is usually an awful and vile place, filled to the brim with petty arguing, blatant insults, and admirable stupidity around political jib jabber, personal attacks, and general nonsense nobody should waste their time reading. But every now and then, maybe just through the sheer laws of probability, someone come along and drops a gem into the weeds that legitimately makes us laugh. A blind squirrel can still find a nut, and a broken clock is still right twice a day I suppose. Here are 23 people who might actually be funny making some hilarious jokes in the comment section.

Are these people funny, or did they just stumble upon some humor? I might go so far as to say they might be. Typically commenters are as I like to put it, in the vocal minority, spewing their word vomit to a loud chorus of like minded people, simply because the logical majority don't want to get involved. But these people might have broken through all that, and actually been funny. These comments are collected from r/funny comments.
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