23 Times Cheap People Took It Hilariously Too Far

Financial literacy is a skill that is far too lacking these days. Being frugal and budgeting are valuable skills to have throughout your lifetime. You never know when you could suddenly be in between jobs, facing a health or financial crisis, or have an unexpectedly large bill or costly repair you have to handle, so it's a good idea to save money where you can and keep some in the bank in case of emergencies.

We at eBaums World have gone to great lengths to cut costs in times of proverbial famine. There was an entire week where literally all of the features were produced by our "Intern Cage." which was, at the time, a cage filled with interns. Don't worry, we fed them. And they, in a strictly legally binding sense, consented to the possibility they may be entered into the cage when they signed the contract and came aboard. At least that's what HR says. I'm just a mod -- my job was just to throw them their slop and wash the cages before a new batch of interns came in.

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