23 Pics that are Plain Cringey and Sad

The world is full of all kinds of cringe worthy people and posts. The internet has become a haven for such kind of content. I guess it is partly because people share a lot of pointless posts and opinions on social media. Whether they're doing it for clicks, attention, or internet clout, people will always find a way to post the most cringe worthy stuff online with zero self-awareness.

Navigating society's social fabric can be difficult at times. It's easy to overlook the fact that not everyone shares the same interests, perspectives, or views. People forget this fact from time to time, and what could have been a regular conversation quickly devolves into a pit of embarrassment and sadness. Then there are those who, whether on purpose or by accident, disregard the cues they've been given and appear to put their foot directly into their mouth. It's a strange phenomenon but if you need to feel that awkward feeling, these are the perfect pics for you!
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