23 Times Life Decided to Suck

Sometimes life is simply unkind. Sometimes it simply does not care.

It can be sort of like that unhinged psychopath who kidnapped most of the eBaums World interns last summer and released them into a maze filled with traps, Ninja Warrior-style obstacles and one very real minotaur.

Life can have a cruel sense of humor too. Similar to the aforementioned psychopath who placed arrows on the floor of the maze, ostensibly leading to the way out -- without ever mentioning the fact that there was no way out at all. Just an endless, circular maze.

Life is full of the unexpected. Like that psychopath's maze -- specifically, the fact that one of the interns did finally manage to escape by slaying the minotaur, donning its pelt, and feigning injury until I -- I mean the psychopath -- had emerged from the secret panel in one of the walls to inspect it.

By the time I found the pelt, he was already gone, leaving me all alone in an empty, blood-spattered maze with silence as my only companion. And that was a very bad day. But as bad the one these people were having.
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