Charts and Maps to Fill Your Brain with Knowledge

It's a great day to learn something new, so get ready for some straight up data porn.

Why is it that as adults, we're so much more interested in learning new things than when we were in school? At least that's the case for me. I was so worried about trying to get laid, and becoming a professional baseball player (only one of which actually happened) rather than listening to what teachers were telling me.

But thanks to The Chive, we've collected some of the coolest, interesting, and flat-out mindblowing charts and maps that the internet has to offer. If you were to have shown me this gallery when I was in high school I would said it's boring AF. But now my brain loves this kind of sh*t.

So go ahead and fill your noggin with some beautiful data. Here are 24 charts and maps that may actually teach you something.
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