Begging Choosers Need A Dose of Reality

Some people suffer from a little something called "main character syndrome." They are under the impression, or so it would seem at least, that the world is their video game and you and I the unwashed masses that compose its NPCs. To them, anything and everything that happens is either for them, because of them, or in some unbelievable way, about them. What aspect of our society leads it to produce these kinds of cringe-inducing self-righteous over-entitled idiots is beyond us. They often make life miserable for the rest of us because they believe they are born with some sort of birthright that should give them special treatment above and beyond the rest of us.

Not everyone in life works for what they have. These are the stories from people who think the world owes them something. Do you know someone like this? Entitled, and a little out of touch? Well, maybe they need a hard dose of reality to shake them out of their ways.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but some of these people really haven’t learned that lesson. Some people just can’t grasp the idea that being that picky will only end in online ridicule. Enjoy r/ChoosingBegars and check out even more picky people that need to tone it down a notch.
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