24 Fresh Memes of the Dankest Kind

Sitting back in an ancient chair, feeling the wood grain under your tired palms, and taking a few hits of a couple danker-than-dank memes is one of life's few pleasures.

For many of us, that is the sole justification for our ongoing existence. Work, obligations, and housing are all merely means to an end. At the end of the day, all we need are our dank memes.

That's why having a solid banquet of dankness in your back pocket for whenever the occasion to indulge presents itself is crucial. A smidgeon of dankness to brighten the day and take the sting out of it. A couple of dank memes to cheer you up when you're having a bad day.

Take comfort in the knowledge that there will always be more where that came from when your own cache of dankness is starting to run low. The internet is awash in dank memes, so savor each one with gluttonous zeal and take a leisurely scroll through the garden of dankness splayed out before you down below.
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