23 Times People Got Absolutely Destroyed in the Comments

The internet can be the wild west at times. There is so much information, varying opinions, and views, all coming at you mach 5 from every angle imaginable. From the most poignant quotes and insightful articles to the dumbest or most asinine thing you have ever seen, any and everything lives on the world wide web. The comment section is no exception to the rule. Granted, there can be a plethora of useful information or very valid points to consider, but at times the comments can also be compared to the trash dump of the internet. People as a whole tend to be a bit reactionary, sometimes just spewing out the first emotional reaction or thought on any given topic that enters their mind.

Thankfully, on the opposite side of that spectrum are the intelligent and well-versed folks who are quick to fire off a rapid response that completely destroys a "dumb" or even "moronic" comment. So check out this collection of funny comments, witty responses, and often savage comebacks that knocked people down a peg or two.
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