24 People Who Just Stopped Caring

Life is hard. You've got to make enough money to not starve, but have enough time for fun on the weekend. You have to be popular but also talented at a number of hobbies. You have to be fit but you have no time to exercise because you're doing one of the above activities. On top of all this, you should dress well, brush your teeth twice a day, have showers regularly, call your mom, be nice to people, not break the law, and be happy!

I'm stressed just thinking about it. But some people are smarter than others. And the smart people have realized that you don't actually need to give any f*cks. None. Honestly, no-one really cares what you do and life will be a lot easier if you stop caring.

That's what these people have done, and it's beautiful to witness. Want to get a coffee but can't be bothered to change out of your pjyamas? Don't change out of them! Who cares? Feeling tired in a lecture? Why not just bring your pillow and blanket instead of pretending to yourself that you won't fall asleep? Might as well be comfortable!

These people have life figured out, and I think we could all learn a lesson and give way less f*cks.
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