24 Things People Invented To Deal With Others Stupidity

Human beings are amazing creatures. We can do thinks no other animal or plant on the planet can do. We manipulate our environment on a large scale, we build massive structures and monuments, and have even been able to send members of our species out to space to visit our moon and explore what else exists beyond our own planet. That being said, we also do more than our fair share of dumb stuff.

It goes without saying that most if not all warning labels fall into this category, but you'd be surprised what other things we've created to counter our own stupidity. By no means is this a definitive collection of the worlds dumb inventions but its a start.

So take a break from the day and enjoy some funny pics and memes on us.

Or maybe you are in the mood fore idiotic people living their lives the only way they know how, in utter chaos.
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