Comebacks That Hit Like a Punch to the Gut (25 Pics)

These comments hit hard, like a nice uppercut punch right to the gut. Not that they weren't warranted, these comments and comebacks come from a strong place of validity, and these people have complete permission to keep smacking others down for as long as they see fit. Kind of like the supreme court.

It's safe to say these people were not ready for the comebacks they received, and if they were, they were not ready for their ferocity. Kind of like someone getting punched in the gut and not taking a step backwards, or putting their hands down to block the blow in any way, all while screaming at the top of their lungs to, "punch them in the gut because we're all a bunch of shriveled losers who couldn't hurt a nutsack even if we gave it our best all-mighty thwack!" And then we turn out to be Mike Tyson.
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