24 Ruthless Comments and Comebacks

Sometimes a good comment is the best way to really get your point across, or lay down a good roast. It's a tough line to straddle between being a good troll or a bad one. Making your point or looking like an idiot. But these people nailed it. Here are 24 comments that really got the job done.

So. someone has said something on the internet that you didn't like. Whatever will you do? Will you think, "well now, people say things from time to time that I don't agree with, but nothing I respond with will change anybody's mind or make one shred of difference here on the web?" No! Of course you won't! You're a keyboard warrior, armed with a mediocre grasp of your native language, and a lifetime of pent up anger and disappointment with no outlet to dispose of it. So take a deep breath, lick that Dorito dust off your fingers, and leave a comment!
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